Tools for Businesses Who Need More from Twitter

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Twitter is definitely one of the fastest growing online social media sites. It already plays an important role in business promotion online – and this role will definitely grow larger. Although Twitter primarily has a social role as interesting platform to discuss all aspects of life, its services can be implement in business surroundings and used for different approaches when it comes to promotion, marketing, market research, client relations, etc. – and all within the allowed 140 characters!

When considering how to use Twitter for the benefit of your business, take into account following tips.

Build Business Credibility

Let your followers see that you are here, and that you know what you are talking about!
• Help your followers. Answer their questions and participated in debates about topics you are an expert in
• Share advice from your business practice as well as private life, if you find that to be relevant
• Share photos from business conferences, business travels, and photos of your products
• Share your remarks about conferences and other business events
• Share news about your business, your company, your line of work and anything in relation to your business, along with comments
• Share links and content from other sites with important comments and your opinion on them
• Share your opinion about different topics, industries, companies and relevant events in the world

Increase the Number of Followers
• Connect with your friends from other social media sites and benefit from interesting contacts on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc.
• Use 3rd party companies that offer service that could help. Such as Marketing Heaven where you can buy real twitter followers.

• Join groups and topics relating to your business on sites such as and
• Forward your tweets to other media sites such as Facebook, FriendFeed, MySpace, etc.
• Combine your accounts – when someone posts questions on Twitter, answer on Twitter, but put a link to the answer you already posted on other accounts
• Take part in Twitter chatrooms about industry or topics in relation to your business
• Follow the most interesting topics through Twitter Search
• Carefully promote your business and your services in order to find new clients
• Stay in contact with friends and colleagues
• Ask questions, answer questions
• Request a tweet forward, forward your tweets
• Search business partners on Twitter
• Do not over-tweet. Use applications such as Tweetdeck, Seesmic and HootSuite

Business Marketing on Twitter
Use Twitter to promote different aspect of your business.
• If your business website is experiencing technical problems or has crashed, announce it to users on

Twitter and explain what is going on
• Arrange guest posts by other bloggers or participation in an online event
• Ask for sponsors to organize a prize competition or promotional program
• Announce information about the competition on Twitter
• Design a Twitter background in accordance to your brand or company logo. Use the service or for that
• Follow news and interesting topics connected to your brand
• Answer Tweets on your brand
• Start a research project and ask opinions on different topics. Post a research follow-up
• Put your Twitter username on different promotional materials, business cards and brochures, e-mail newsletters, websites
• Share information about your business and your expertise with your Twitter followers
• Tweet recommendations to follow certain contacts
• Announce when you will take part in a certain conference or be a speaker at a certain event
• Announce information about discounts and promotions
• Announce job vacancies in your company



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